Connecting Web2 and Web3

DCS Card Centre proudly introduces DCS Tokens, a fresh and innovative asset to look out for in Web3.

Introducing DCS Tokens, the first dollar-backed payment tokens issued by a financial institution that is governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Banking Act and licensed to issue credit and charge cards.

Designed to provide value stability (1DCS Token: 1USD), DCS Tokens act as a trusted connection between Web3 and card payments globally in Web2.

DCS Tokens are currently issued on two blockchains: DUS on PlatOn and DUSD on ETH. Both tokens can be redeemed via the DCS Cards App instantly.

Convert DCS Tokens into Card Spend Limit Instantly

Get a DCS Card to start converting your DCS Tokens into card spend limit instantly. Quick and easy to enable via the DCS Cards App - wherever you are, and whenever you want.

Embrace this revolutionary experience of seamless transition between digital assets and card spend limit, topped with greater card rewards as you charge to the card!

Supporting enablers of the Web2 & Web3 connection with DCS Tokens

The DCS Cards App

A super app that is not only packed with core features to manage DCS credit cards, but also access to services that provide a more integrated payments experience.

Scan here to experience the App now.

D-Lite Card

Provides payment convenience for anyone requiring a credit card with flexible spend limits. D-Lite comes with a starting credit limit of S$100 and is linked to D-Vault to increase spend limits via multiple top-up channels. Application is easy, with instant card approval.


D-Lite UnionPay Card


A platform for cardholders to aggregate their asset via bank transfers and fiat conversion using DCS Tokens and other digital assets. The D-Vault balance can then be used to increase card spend limits instantly or make payment for outstanding balances on DCS cards.

What's in it for you?

Retail Digital Asset Holders

Apply for a DCS D-Lite Card and enjoy the speed and ease of converting your digital assets into card spend limits instantly. Enroll in the D-Lite Card Affiliate Program (launching soon) to earn preferred product benefits and rebates when you refer your friends to apply for the D-Lite Card! Fill in our contact form here.

Web3 Service Providers

As DCS Tokens become preferred for its value stability and credibility, we are actively seeking Swap Partners for DCS Tokens as well as D-Lite Card Resellers to leverage the quick & easy conversion of DCS Tokens into card spend limits instantly. Keen to find out more? Fill in our contact form here.

Corporates & Merchants

DCS Tokens are available to DCS-acquired merchants as an alternative settlement option, and for corporates to make Web3 payments directly.

Interested to be a DCS merchant? Simply fill in our contact form here.

Get DCS Tokens

To get more DCS Tokens for instant redemption via the DCS Cards App, please visit our partners:

Swap with imToken mobile app:
  1. Open imToken mobile app
  2. Tap “Market” on bottom menu
  3. Choose what token you would like to swap from, search DUSD token as destination token
  4. Tap “Exchange now”
Swap with TOKENLON website:
  1. Click here to access TOKENLON website
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Choose what token you would like to swap from, and search DUSD as destination token
  4. Click “Review order” to complete the swap

Step 1: Click here to access BTSE website

Step 2: Login with your BTSE account, Search for DUS under Buy

Step 3: For SG customer, search what token your would like to swap from under Pay with.

Wallet Set-up for DCS Tokens

Participating wallets: Metamask, imToken, Token Pocket, Mathwallet, Bitpie, BitKeep, Coinhub, Particle, Coin98, Cobo, Onto, Nabox

STEP 1: Add PlatOn network to wallet

PlatON network

Network URL
Chain ID
Explorer URL

If you're a Metamask user, simply click tab below to add network:

STEP 2: Setup token contract

Token Contract Address

If you're a Metamask user, simply click tab below to set-up:

Setup token contract under Ethereum Mainnet

Token Contract Address

Download the DCS Cards App now to apply for a DCS Card!