How it works

Single Transaction Instalment

Tenure 3 months 6 months 12 months
One-time processing fee 3% 5% 8%
For example, based on a retail purchase of S$1,200
Monthly Instalment S$400 S$200 S$100
One-time processing fee 36 60 96

Bill Instalment

Tenure 6 months 12 months 18 months
One-time processing fee 5% 8% 10%
For example, based on a statement bill of S$3,600
Monthly Instalment S$600 S$300 S$200
One-time processing fee S$180 S$288 S$360

For Single Transaction Instalment, the EIRs are 18.18% p.a. (for 3 months), 17.56% p.a. (for 6 months) and 15.47% p.a. (for 12 months).
For Bill Instalment, the EIRs are 17.56% p.a. (for 6 months), 15.47% p.a. (for 12 months) and 13.44% p.a. (for 18 months).


The DConvert programme is open to all DCS cardmembers except for D-Lite Cards, S$500 Limit Credit Cards and Commercial Cards.

There is no limit on the number of DConvert that may be taken up for each Card Account.

Step 1: On the Card Details app screen, tap on 'DConvert'.

Step 2: Select either 'Bill Instalment ' or 'Single Transaction Instalment'.


‘Bill Instalment’ is only applicable to retail transactions posted in your current Statement of Account with a minimum accumulated amount of S$500. ‘Single Transaction Instalment’ is applicable to a single unbilled retail transactions of at least S$300.

For application of single transaction instalment, cardmember must have at least an unbilled sum of S$300 in that transaction.

For application of bill instalment, cardmember must have at least an accumulated sum of S$500 in the current statement of account.

The converted amount shall be repaid by equal instalments, except that the first instalment shall include any amount in cents being rounded up. A one-time processing fee shall be charged and payable in full together with the first instalment.

Once the DConvert application is approved, any request for change of tenure or early full settlement of DConvert is strictly not allowed.