D-Token is a top-up channel via digital assets for D-Vault. Choose to top-up with DCS Tokens or other digital assets seamlessly.

How does it work?

Available on the DCS Cards app, D-Token acts like a virtual account, where cardholders can choose to convert their existing digital assets into fiat via designated DPT licensed entities, or to redeem their DCS Tokens. Top-up fee applies.

Different ways to top-up

Tap on the number icons to view the app screen for each step.


D-Token is a top-up channel via digital assets for D-Vault. The equivalent fiat value of digital assets will be credited to your D-Vault balance once the top-up is processed successfully, and you will be able to find the top-up history record under D-vault.

D-Token accepts the following:

  1. DCS Tokens that are issued by DCS. Please refer here for more details.
  2. Other digital assets. For now, it includes BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT. Top-up of these assets will be processed by third-party partners as appointed by DCS.
Top-ups with DCS Tokens will be processed and credited in real-time, while top-ups with other digital assets that are processed by third-party partners will take at least 3 working days.
If you encounter any problem with top-up of DCS Tokens, please contact the DCS customer service hotline at +65 6571 0128 with your token transfer record. For top-up with other digital assets, please contact the respective third-party partner through which you performed the top-up.

For top-ups with DCS Tokens, a 3% top-up fee applies. Eg, 100 DCS Tokens is redeemed and converted to S$137 (at US$1 = S$1.37), a 3% top-up fee of S$4.11 is applied and a nett amount of S$132.89 is credited to cardholder's D-Vault balance.

You may enrol in our D-Lite Affiliate Program to enjoy a lower top-up fee.

For top-ups with other digital assets, top-up fees may be charged by the third-party partners.