How does the Virtual Account work?

Use the Virtual Account to maximize your credit card benefits when the available credit limit runs low.
Or simply use it to receive funds from any bank account, and then pay off outstanding balances on any DCS cards.
Follow these three simple steps now:

Activate the Virtual Account via the DCS Cards App
Top up your Virtual Account via a bank transfer
Link the Virtual Account to your preferred DCS Card

Once completed, you can immediately increase your spend limit and proceed with your payments!

Apply now for the DCS Lite Card, which comes bundled with the Virtual Account.

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Here's a scenario where you'll find the virtual account useful

A luxury item has caught your eye while you're out shopping, but your available credit limit is insufficient to pay for it.

To make your purchase, you currently have two options. You could call the DCS customer service team to request for a limit increase, but the process will take time and the new limit may be insufficient. Alternatively, you could pay with cash but this means foregoing your credit card benefits, such as Cashback.

This is when the virtual account becomes a convenient option. Simply login to the DCS Cards App to top-up your virtual account and the spend limit on your DCS card will be increased instantly!

To activate and top up the virtual account, then link it to your preferred DCS Card, follow these easy steps.

  1. Login to the DCS Cards App

  2. Tap Activate within the Virtual Account tab

  3. Tap Activate Now after acknowledging the terms and conditions

  4. Tap Top-up then follow the instructions. Once top-up is completed, the amount will be reflected as Available Balance in Virtual Account tab

  5. Tap Link to preferred DCS Card, select your preferred Card from your account then tap Confirm. You'll need to activate your physical card before you can link your Virtual Account to it.


Application and Activation
A Virtual Account (“VA”) is a feature offered to a DCS Cardholder to accept funds transferred from a bank account. These funds can only be utilized to pay down balance(s) incurred on any DCS Card(s). This VA is only applicable as an additional feature on DCS cards. It cannot be individually applied for.
  1. Download the DCS Cards mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Log-in to the DCS mobile app and click on the ‘Activate’ button under the Virtual Account tab (Non-DCS cardholders must first apply for a Card to be eligible)
  3. Accept terms and conditions and receive instant activation of the VA
  4. Upon activation, a VA number will be generated and this will show in the Virtual Account tab upon next log-in to the DCS mobile app
  5. Perform a top-up to the VA via Bank Transfer (instructions are provided if required)
  6. After top-up, link the VA to your preferred DCS credit card and the full VA balance will immediately be used to increase the Spend Limit on that specific DCS credit card

It is immediate activation for eligible DCS cardholders via the DCS mobile app.

Activation is immediate for eligible DCS cardholders. You will receive a pop-up in the app displaying "Acitvate successful". In addtion, you should be able to see the VA balance reflected in your DCS mobile app.


The VA currently only supports top-ups in Singapore dollar (SGD).

You may log in to the DCS mobile app to retrieve the top-up instructions by clicking on the ‘Top-up’ icon within the Virtual Account tab. It's important to ensure that the VA number provided is correct to avoid any issues with the transfer.

Here's the procedure:

  1. Log in to DCS mobile App and copy Recipient details (which includes VA number)
  2. Log in to your own internet banking platform or mobile banking app
  3. Select the ‘Transfer to local bank account’ option, then choose ‘Add Payee’
  4. Paste Recipient details as a new Payee, and must ensure that the VA number is correct
  5. Enter your top-up amount
  6. Confirm and complete the transfer process

The time taken depends on the processing bank processing the funds transfer. If a funds transfer is initiated from a participating bank of the FAST network, the funds should typically arrive within 15 minutes barring any unforeseen system disruptions.

There could be several reasons that cause a top-up to fail, including system failures or input of a wrong VA number by the Sender. If you suspect that your top-up might have failed, please contact our Customer Service Department at +65 65710128 or email

Please immediately contact the Customer Service Department and provide all evidence of the bank transfer(s) performed to the VA. Upon satisfactory verification of all such evidence provided, DCS will contact the recipient of the wrongful funds to initiate a claim back of the full amount transferred. In the event of any dispute or disagreement, the Sender of the funds will need to seek his own legal means to obtain the funds back.

No, the VA currently does not impose any minimum or maximum limits on the top-up transaction amount or total VA balance.

Card Transactions with Link-to-Card

Upon activating your VA, you may opt to link the VA to one of your DCS card. After the card linkage is completed, the available balance on your VA will increase the total spend limit on your linked card. Example if you have an Available Credit Limit of S$5,000 and VA Available Balance of S$2,000, the total spend limit on the linked card becomes S$7,000. This total limit is combined to authorize a single card transaction amount or multiple card transactions.

You may link the VA to all DCS Cards. Only Basic Cardholders may use the VA feature; it is not applicable to Supplementary Cardholders.

You can immediately increase the total spend limit of the linked Card with the full available balance in your VA. This allows you to make larger or more transactions with your linked Card. All prevailing benefits on the linked card, such as rewards points and cashback, apply to transactions authorized with your VA balance.

No, Link-to-Card only increases the total spend limit on your linked Card by aggregating the available balance in the VA to the credit limit on the card. The credit limit assigned to your card remains the same.

We apologize that we are unable to support a delink of the Card at this moment. We will be enabling this service soon.

When Link-to-Card is activated, all card transactions will continue to be processed with your Available Credit Limit first. When the Available Credit Limit is fully depleted, then transactions are processed using the VA Available Balance. A single transaction may be authorized with a combination of Available Credit Limit and VA Available Balance. If you have a prevailing Temporary Credit Limit and/or any Overpayment to the Credit Card, then transactions will be processed using these limits first before the VA Available Balance.

There are two scenarios for such reversals/refunds: (i) Transaction is reversed before it is posted, ie a Pending transaction is reversed. In this case, the reversal/refunded amount will be reinstated to your VA balance. (ii) Transaction is reversed after it is posted, ie the transaction already shows up on your card transaction history. In this case, the reversal/refunded amount will be processed as a normal card transaction and reflected as an Overpayment on the linked Card. The VA balance will not be adjusted.

The VA balance can be used to authorize all standard card transactions performed at merchant terminals, online merchants, cash withdrawals within the participating ATM network and our Pay4U service. The VA balance cannot be used to authorize Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) transaction and Cash Program services offered by DCS such as Dcash, Rcash, Dconvert, etc.).

Interest, Fees and Charges

No, DCS does not charge any top-up fees. However, the Bank processing the funds transfer may charge transfer fees according to their policies. Please check with your processing bank for such information.


There is no need for you to perform any repayment for such Card transactions. DCS will trigger an auto repayment of the full amount for card transactions processed with your VA balance. You will only need to do a repayment of the statement balance due to transactions processed with your credit limit.