Weekly Housekeeping Service
  • Buy 4/8/12 and get 1 free service1
  • Buy 24 and get 3 free service1
  • Promo code: DCSFREE
  • Enhanced Aircon Servicing Package: 30% off regular priced package
  • Promo code: DCS30
  • Regular Aircon Servicing Package: 20% off regular priced package
  • Promo code: DCS20
Cleaning Products
  • Eco Cleaning Products: 10% off2 regular priced items
  • Promo code: DCS10
  • Deep Cleaning Service: 5% off3 regular priced service
  • Promo code: DCS5

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Terms & Conditions

  • Valid till 30 June 2024.
  • Payment must be made with a DCS UnionPay or MasterCard Card.
  • 1Applicable only for new Whissh customers only.
  • 1Renewal packages would revert to packages without free housekeeping sessions.
  • 2Applicable through Whissh website purchases only.
  • 3Bookings to be made at least 5 days before service date to enjoy discount.
  • Confirmed booking are non-refundable.
  • Rescheduling requests must be made at least 48 hours on working days in advance of the scheduled service. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are not working days. Rescheduling requests made less than 48 working hours in advance will be chargeable. Service will be forfeited in the event of rescheduling requests done on the same day as service date.
  • Whissh reserves the rights to cancel the service if service crew deem the condition of the house to be unworkable in. Eaamples (non-exhuastive) of such scenarios include houses where movers are actively working, houses whether renovation is actively ongoing, houses where hoarding is present, and houses with bedbugs.
  • Discounts apply only to listed price, no other prootions or discount may be used in conjunction with DCS discount.
  • No retroactive discounts to be claimed.
  • DCS Cards Promotions General Terms and Conditions apply.