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1 #01-03-8181 OSIM uZap Foot Leg Massager (OS3220) Voucher
Full 42,000 Remove
2 #01-03-8157 OSIM uCozy 3D Neck and Shoulder Massager (OS288) Voucher
Full 30,000 Remove
3 #02-02-2242 Harvey Norman $10 Shopping Voucher Full 4,000 Remove
4 #01-03-8140 OSIM uGrace Smart Body Composition Monitor (OS570) Voucher
Full 27,000 Remove
5 #01-03-8132 OSIM uMask Eye Massager (OS141) Voucher
Full 13,000 Remove
6 #02-02-1474 Mustafa $20 Shopping Voucher Full 8,000 Remove
7 #02-02-1483 $10 Metro In-store Credit Full 4,000 Remove
8 #02-02-2267 Maison 21G 60-Mins Private Workshop Voucher (worth S$180)

Inclusive of:

• A private learning session with an expert scent designer.
• Uncover the rich history of perfume and learn the hidden secrets of perfume creation.
• Explore the exclusive range of 35 essences and select your favourites.
• Infuse your choice of scent essences in an alcohol base.
• Customise your bottle design.
• Each participant will be able to take home their very own 30ml bespoke Eau De Parfum bottle.
Full 45,000 Remove
9 #01-03-8165 OSIM uMist Aroma Humidifier (OS695) Voucher
Full 42,000 Remove
10 #01-03-8173 OSIM uZap Gun Mini Percussive Massage Gun (OS2221) Voucher
Full 48,000 Remove
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