An ATM Admin Fee may be levied by DBS/POSB for ATM Cash Advance withdrawal with your Diners Club Card. You will be advised of the fee when you perform the ATM Cash withdrawal.

Earn 1 Club Rewards Point for every dollar withdrawn from ATM.

You can withdraw cash in local currency with your Diners Club Card at more than 1.2M DCI Global ATMs. Just look for the Diners Club International acceptance mark on ATMs globally and/or the PULSE acceptance mark on ATMs in north America and the Caribbean to obtain cash.



You can withdraw Cash at DBS/POSB ATMs in Singapore, and at more than 1.2M DCI Global ATMs which bears the Diners Club International logo and/or any other logos of participating ATM network provider(s): 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Withdrawal amount is subject to Diners Club's approval and the policies implemented by the respective ATM network Providers.
For every withdrawal, a fee is charged at 6% or S$20.00, whichever is greater; plus ATM network fees which is controlled by the ATM networks. For rejected ATM Cash Withdrawal, due to PIN failure or credit reason, a fee of $2.50 may be levied.
Yes, you will earn 1 Club Rewards point for every dollar withdrawn from ATMs. Most card-issuers do not offer rewards points for ATM Cash Withdrawal.
No. As a Diners Club Cardmember, you are automatically enrolled into the programme.
Your PIN will be blocked after 3 tries. Depending on the ATM banks, your Card may or may not be retained.
If your Card is not retained by the ATM machine, your PIN number will reset itself the next working day.
Please inform us if your Card is retained by the ATM machine as your Card will be listed as "lost" and you can set the PIN for your replacement Card via the DCS Cards App.
You may perform a PIN reset via the DCS Cards App.
Yes. You may continue to do so.
The PIN linked to your Card will automatically be cancelled. We will re-issue a replacement Card and you can set the PIN for your replacement Card via the DCS Cards App.
If you are within the banking hall where the ATM is located, please seek the bank staff's assistance.
If it's after the banking hours OR you are at a stand-alone ATM, please call the Help Number listed on the ATM for assistance. Otherwise, take note of the name of the Bank, the location of the ATM, the amount dispensed and keep the receipt so that we can raise the dispute with the ATM's bank.

Forgotten your PIN?

Reset PIN in the DCS Cards App