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The rights of the CM to redeem the gift(s) shall automatically be forfeited if his/her Account Membership becomes invalid whether voluntarily or involuntarily and for whatsoever reasons. To prevent the forfeiture of the right to redeem the gift(s), the monthly SOA must be settled promptly. Resignation by the CM from the Account Membership or cancellation/withdrawal of the CM from the Account Membership by the CM shall immediately disqualify the CM from the CRP and all points accrued to such CM shall be forfeited. Therefore Cardmembers who have terminated their card are not eligible for redemption of vouchers. Corporate Cardmembers who have resigned from employment are not eligible for redemption of vouchers.
DCS card must be presented together with voucher at point of redemption at all times. Upon termination of card, voucher(s) redeemed is/are deemed void.
Vouchers are Mailed to Cardmembers by post upon redemption to Diners Club.
Vouchers are only valid for a period of 2-3 months from the date of issue.
Any amount spent exceeding the value of the Rewards Vouchers must be charged to the DCS Card.
Rewards Voucher is not valid with other discounts, promotions or vouchers.
Rewards Voucher can only be used for the Rewards indicated.
All redemption not claimed by the expiry date will cease to be valid and no extensions will be entertained. There shall be no replacement of Rewards Voucher or credit of Rewards Points.
Rewards Voucher is not exchangeable or refundable for cash or in kind. Any unutilised amount shall not be refundable.
Any alterations made on the Rewards Voucher without an authorised signature will not be honoured.
DCS Card Centre Pte Ltd is not obliged to replace Rewards Vouchers which may be torn, lost, stolen, or defaced.
Subject to Club Reward Program Terms and Conditions.
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