Terms & Conditions

1. THE CLUB REWARDS PROGRAMME ("CRP") is valid from 1 July 1993 till such other period or periods ("Promotion Period") as DCS Card Centre Pte Ltd ("DCS") in its absolute discretion may decide.
2. All valid Diners Club Cardmembers ("CM") as at 1 July 1993 will be eligible to participate.

"Spendings" shall refer to all the charges processed by DCS and incurred with any or all the Card(s) held by the CM under any or all valid Account Membership(s) and reflected in the monthly Statement of Account ("SOA") rendered to the CM(s) during the promotion period with the exception of those excluded herein.


For the purpose of computing the Club Rewards point eligibility of the CM based on such CMs spendings, the following charges and/or fees and/or entries as reflected in the monthly SOA for the promotion period shall not be classified as spendings of the CM:

i) Charges incurred under the Travel Management Plan ("TMP").
ii) Entrance and/or subscription and/or renewal fees.
iii) Service charges and/or late payment charges.
iv) All disputed charges unresolved as at DCSs processing date of the monthly SOA during the promotion period.
v) All debit and credit journal entries.
vi) Casino/access charges and/or cheque encashing charges.
vii) Stolen/lost/fraud Card charges.
viii) AXS bill payments.
ix) Road Tax payment.
x) All transactions at LTA.
xi) All transactions at Singapore Post.
xii) 0% Interest-free Installment Payment Plan.
xiii) ReadyCA$H.
xiv) DCA$H
xv) Balance Transfer
xvi) Cobrand Card transactions at the respective cobrand/affiliated outlets.
xvii) Cash advance withdrawals at Mustafa with the DCS Mustafa Card.
xviii) SME Corporate Card Accounts.
xix) Transactions made with Esso Fleet Card (EFC).

Notwithstanding Rule (3), DCS reserves the right to determine the eligibility of a charge incurred by the CM during the promotion period as spending for the purpose of the CRP.


Under the CRP, only every S$1.00 spending as defined in Rule (4) & (5) herein in any statement month during the promotion period by the CM and processed by DCS will be awarded one Club Reward point ("Point"). Any fraction of spending below or less than S$1.00 will be discarded for the purpose of the CRP and shall not be carried forward to the next spending of the CM to form S$1.00 spending to be entitled to 1 point.


All points awarded for the basic and all supplementary CM(s) spending under the same Account held by the basic CM will be combined for the purpose of the CRP.


Under the CRP, a CM:

a) will be charged an administrative fee of 5,000 Club Rewards points or S$20 for a combination/transfer of points from one Account to another Account held under the same basic cardmember;
b) may utilise the Club Rewards points accumulated from 1 July 1993 or part thereof to redeem for gift(s) until such period determined by DCS as the termination of the programme;
c) cannot redeem the Club Rewards points awarded during the promotion period partially for gift(s) and partially for cash reimbursement from DCS;
d) cannot exchange gifts for cash ;

The total Club Rewards point entitlement of a CM based on such CMs spendings for a statement month during the promotion period will be reflected in the monthly SOA to be rendered by DCS to the CM for that same month. The monthly SOA will reflect the CMs brought forward point entitlements, points earned and redeemed, and Club Rewards point entitlement to be carried forward to the subsequent month.


It is the CM's duty to check the SOA upon receipt and to report any discrepancies in Club Rewards points update within 1 month of receiving the SOA. Otherwise, no amendments or requests for investigation will be entertained.


DCS shall not be held liable to the CM for any delay caused by its establishments and/or DCS franchisees and/or the Postal Authorities in submitting the spending details incurred during the promotion period to DCS on time for the processing of the last monthly SOA for the promotion period or for the non-receipt of such spendings details by DCS due to whatsoever reasons. Proof of charge slips is not proof of eligible spendings for the purpose of CRP. Only eligible charges as reflected in the monthly SOA shall be deemed as valid charges.


Proof of posting of the full payment of any SOA for the said promotion period is not proof of receipt of the same by DCS. DCS shall not be liable to the CM for any late/non-receipt of full payment of the Account due to postal delay or whatsoever reasons.


DCSs records shall be conclusive and binding and shall be used at all times in determining the Club Rewards point entitlements of the CM.


The Club Rewards Points Plus Charge option is only available for selected items, and at amounts so designated by DCS.


The Club Rewards Points Plus Charge option is not available for the Frequent Flyers Programme.


The charge portion of Club Rewards Points Plus Charge can be made only to valid DCS Card(s).


Subject to the terms and conditions provided hereunder and also to the CM's account to be in good standing as DCS in its sole discretion shall determine, the CM can use the Club Rewards points awarded to him/her to redeem for gift(s) at the value and with the required number of Club Rewards points fixed by DCS at its sole discretion and indicated in the redemption list.


All gifts shown in the redemption list are subject to stock availability and the CM can redeem for them on a first-come-first-served basis. DCS reserves the right at any time to withdraw or replace any such gift(s) of similar value so designated by DCS without prior notice to the CM.


The CM should allow up to 10 working days for normal processing of redemption requests. However, in cases whereby the processing period is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, the CM will be duly informed by DCS.


By participation in the CRP, the basic and each and every supplementary CM agree that:

a) the points accumulated in the same Account may be redeemed by either the basic or any of the supplementary CM(s) of the same Account or both the basic and the supplementary CMs of the same Account;
b) DCS shall have the absolute discretion, without assigning any reason and prior notification to the applicable CMs in the same Account who submitted to DCS their Gift Redemption Forms for gift redemption using all the available qualifying Points accumulated in the same Account, to determine which Form to accept for processing in the event more than one Form has been received for redemption from more than one CM under the same Account. In such situations, all unsuccessful redeeming CMs will be notified by DCS.

By participation in the CRP:

a) the basic CM agrees not to hold DCS liable in any whatsoever way or manner for any or all gift redemptions made by any supplementary CM of the same Account;
b) the supplementary CM agrees not to hold DCS liable in any whatsoever way or manner for any or all gift redemptions made by the basic CM or any other supplementary CMs of the same Account

DCS shall not be held liable to the CM/Company for all gift redemptions undertaken by supplementary CM under a Company/Corporate Account Membership and which is/are centrally billed.


The receipt of the Form by DCS is not an acknowledgement by DCS of the availability of the gift(s) selected by the CM.


DCS reserves the right to withhold redemption of selected gifts, be it using point redemption or Point Plus Charge option; from CMs with a Repayment Assistance Scheme (RAS) with DCS or any other entity, or CMs whose total outstanding interest-bearing balances from all banks have exceeded the prevailing borrowing limit for three consecutive months.


All redeemed Club Rewards Vouchers must be utilised along with DCS Card. Any amount exceeding value of Rewards Voucher must be charged to the Card.


Club Rewards Vouchers are not valid along with other on-going promotion or discounts, unless otherwise stated by DCS.


Club Rewards Vouchers must be redeemed on or before the date of expiry, as indicated on the Club Rewards Voucher. No extension of dates will be entertained.


Any unutilised amount of the Club Rewards Voucher will be forfeited and shall not be refundable.


Any alterations made on the Club Rewards Voucher without an authorised signature will not be honoured.


DCS is not obliged to replace any Club Rewards Vouchers which may be torn, lost, stolen, misplaced, or defaced.


When redeeming the Club Rewards item(s), the CM or his/her representative must present the relevant original Club Rewards Voucher as proof of eligibility at the respective participating merchants. His/her representative must provide his/her mobile number and name, together with a letter of authorisation from the CM.


DCS reserves the right to impose an administrative charge of S$20 for the replacement or exchange of the Club Rewards Voucher.


The "intended date" of collection of the gift(s) by the CM must be a normal working day for DCS. Whilst DCS shall make its best efforts to ensure that the CM receives the gift(s) of his/her choice. DCS reserves the right of substitution with other gift(s) at DCSs sole discretion and without prior consultation with the CM.


Gift(s) must be collected at DCSs office either personally by the CM or by the CMs duly authorised representative, within the period for gift collection indicated in the Rewards collection letter. Failing which, the rights of the CM to claiming the gift(s) shall be forfeited and the CM shall be regarded to have redeemed for such gift(s) even though the CM did not turn up at DCSs office to collect the item(s).


Gift(s) once collected and signed for by the CM/Authorised representative of the CM will be deemed as accepted in good condition, and would not be eligible for any exchanges or refunds. It is the CM's responsibility to check on the condition of the gift(s) upon receipt of the item(s).


DCS is neither a supplier nor vendor of the products redeemed by the CMs, and will not be held responsible for any disputes arising from the condition of the goods. DCS is not the service centre of such products and the CM has to refer back to the supplier of the goods for any replacement or repair of faulty parts.


A cancellation fee of 5,000 Club Rewards points or S$20 will be imposed if the CM decides to terminate or change the redemption request. Such cancellation is only possible if the CM informs DCS within 3 working days from the date that DCS receives the Form. Afterwhich, DCS shall not entertain any CMs request for a cancellation of the Form(s), or a change of gift(s) selected. There will be no refund of points for cancellation of redemption requests.


In the event the Card reported lost by the CM carries available Club Rewards points in the Card Account and DCS had issued a new replacement Card to the CM, the CM hereby agrees with DCS that the available Club Rewards points arising under the lost Card shall not be automatically transferred to the new replacement Card and that DCS has the right in its sole discretion to forfeit all or any of such Club Rewards points without giving any reason or notice and that DCS shall not entertain any communication, whether in writing or verbally, by the CM concerned.


In cases of card termination, CM must send in the Form to DCS at least one month in advance. For redemption of Club Rewards Vouchers, the Form must be sent to DCS 6 weeks in advance. All Club Rewards Vouchers must be redeemed before termination of the Card. Afterwhich, the club vouchers will be invalid and no replacements will be provided for.


The rights of the CM to redeem the gift(s) shall automatically be forfeited if his/her Account Membership becomes invalid whether voluntarily or involuntarily and for whatsoever reasons. All Club Rewards points accrued to such CM will be forfeited. To prevent the forfeiture of the right to redeem the gift(s), the monthly SOA must be settled promptly.


DCS reserves the right to impose a charge of 5,000 Club Rewards points or S$20 for re-activation of Club Rewards account(s).


In the event of any disputes, the decision of DCS (S) Pte Ltd is final and no correspondence shall be entertained.

The terms and conditions stated are subject to change without prior notice.
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