DCS imToken Card Fees & Charges

Fees and Charges DCS imToken Card
Annual Fee S$30^ (Free first year)
Cash withdrawal fee 1% of the Cash Withdrawal Amount or S$5 (whichever is greater) per Cash Withdrawal; plus any service charge or other fee imposed by the ATM operator in respect of an ATM Cash Withdrawal.
Late payment fee S$50 if the Minimum Payment is not received by Payment Due Date
Excess Credit Limit* fee S$50 per month if the Total Indebtedness exceed the Credit Limit at any time during the Statement Period.
Interest Rate 28% per annum is levied on the Total Indebtedness (excluding the principal amount of each Cash Advance) unless the closing balance on both the current and previous Statements has been paid in full by the respective Payment Due Date and all Cash Advances are interest free. If interest is to be debited, Total Minimum Interest of S$3 per account per month is charged if the interest would otherwise be less than S$3.
Foreign Exchange Conversion Charge A 3.25% Conversion Commission will be added to a retail rate offered by an institution during the currency conversion when billing a Cardholder for a transaction that was charged in a foreign currency. 1% rebate to customer.
Extraction Fee S$10 per copy for request of charge slips
S$10 per page for request of Statement of Account for a Statement Period which is 3 to 24 months before the request date
Card Replacement Fee S$30^ for each card replacement
Physical card fee S$30^
DCS Token Top-up fee 1%

^ Fee will be subject to the prevailing Goods & Services Tax