DCS Name Change

Frequently Asked Questions for Cardholders

When is the effective date of the name change from Diners Club (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. to DCS Card Centre Pte. Ltd.?
The name change is effective from 15 October 2022.
Why have you changed the name of the Company?

Diners Club (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a private-owned financial institution (FI) that was incorporated in 1973 to exclusively issue Diners Club cards in Singapore. It is regulated by the Monetary Association of Singapore (MAS) under the Banking Act and licensed to issue credit cards and charge cards in Singapore.

The company has gone through a transformation and will establish itself as a complete cards centre, issuing more than just Diners Club-branded cards. As such, there is a need to change its registered name from Diners Club (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. to reflect the wider scope of cards issuance with other international payment networks including Union Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

What does DCS stand for?

DCS represents the abbreviation of the company's former name: Diners Club Singapore. Since its incorporation in 1973, the company brings almost 50 years of legacy in credit/charge cards issuance in Singapore. So, while the company is now evolving and investing in technology to expand its business, it is important to retain its rich heritage in our new company name.

The acronyms of DCS also form the pillars of our corporate mission: Continually leverage Digital and Data to connect our Customers to Swift, Secured and Simple payment solutions.

What is the difference between DCS and Diners Club?

As an entity, there is no difference between DCS and Diners Club (Singapore); it is the same licensed entity that continues to issue credit/charge cards in Singapore.

It is however noteworthy that Diners Club International is a brand that represents an international cards payment network (similar to Visa and Mastercard) and should not be confused with Diners Club (Singapore) which is a private-owned entity.

Will my existing card(s) be replaced? Will usage on my existing card(s) be affected?
No. There is no impact to your existing card(s), and it/they can continue to be used until expiry. All existing rewards and benefits on your card(s) will remain unchanged.
Will there be any impact to the design and product naming for the existing cards? If so, when will DCS start to issue cards featuring the new card design?
All existing cards issued by DCS will be progressively replaced with a DCS Card Centre brand logo upon card renewals starting from 2023. All new card products launched after the name change will bear the new DCS Card Centre brand logo.
Can I request to replace my existing card(s) to the new design before the card renewal? If so, is there any cost associated for this (early) card replacement?
Cardholders are encouraged to continue using their cards until they expire. Alternatively, you may request for an early card replacement by paying a card replacement fee of S$30 when the new card design(s) is/are launched.
I have set-up a billing/standing instruction with my bank for payment of my Diners Club card bill(s). Do I need to change/update such instructions? If so, by when do I need to make the change?
No, there is no need to make any changes to existing billing/standing instructions. Your billing arrangements will continue to be processed as normal. However, if you are paying your bills by paper cheque or telegraphic transfer (TT), please note that the payee is changed to DCS Card Centre Pte. Ltd.

Updated 21 Oct 2022