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CardNow Merchant User Guide (Online)


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  2. Merchant User Registration

    Note: Mobile number of Authorized Person is required for registration.

    1. Key in Mobile Number of Authorized Person (Singapore Mobile Number) and click SEND to request for OTP.

      SMS OTP will be sent to the mobile number and will be valid for 60 seconds.

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    2. Enter OTP as shown on the SMS.

    3. Set Login Password and Re-enter to confirm (minimum 8 characters)

    4. Click REGISTER button to complete the registration.

  3. Login

    1. Go to Log In screen.

    2. Enter the registered mobile number.

    3. Enter Password

    4. Enter the Verification Code as shown on the image at the right side of the screen.

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  4. Bind Merchant

    Information required:

    • Merchant ID

    • Merchant Name

    • Last 4 digits of the Bank Account Number. This is the bank account provided during the merchant sign up and will receive the settlement amount.

    1. Click on “You can click here to create one”

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    2. Enter MID, Merchant Name and last 4 digits of your Settlement Account number to bind MID.

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    3. After binding 1st MID, you can click 'New Merchant' on the Main Page to bind the 2nd MID and repeat the above step. Repeat the same step for subsequent MIDs including Instalment Payment Plan Merchant ID.

  5. Main Page

    To view your company information

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  6. Transactions Search and View

    1. Select Transactions under Sales.

    2. Choose date range

    3. Select “Sale” under Type and click OK.

    4. View Transactions

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  7. Settlement Search and View

    1. Select T+N Settlement History under Settlement

    2. Select Date Range and click OK

    3. View Settlement records

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