Item Code: #01-03-8173
Item Description: OSIM uZap Gun Mini Percussive Massage Gun (OS2221) Voucher
Item Remark: Specification:
•Mini but powerful percussive massage, designed for your sporty lifestyle, the uZap Gun Mini is small in size but big on power.
•The lightweight massage gun fits your palm perfectly for a comfortable grip, and provides immediate muscle and myofascial pain relief after a good workout.
•uZap Gun Mini Percussive Massage Technology Strong percussive power: Relieve sore muscles with rapid bursts of pressure up to 2400 pulses per minute.
•Deep tissue massage: Massage head protrudes out up to 6mm depth for deep tissue pain relief & 3 intensity levels: With 3 intensity levels adjustable for a light or strong massage.

• Enhance athletic performance
• Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness
• Improve flexibility & range of motion
• Enhance circulation
• Relieve pain & soreness
• Boost post-workout recovery

Different massage heads for different body areas:
1. Flat shape: Suitable for: All parts of the body for a more relaxing massage.
2. Ball shape: Suitable for: Large muscle groups such as arms, back, butt & legs.
3. U-shape: Suitable for: Muscles on both sides of the spine and Achilles Tendon.
4. Bullet shape: Suitable for: Acupressure points and deep tissue massage.
Redemption Type: Full
Item Value: 53,000 points
Redeemable at:
All OSIM Outlets in Singapore