Item Code: #01-03-8140
Item Description: OSIM uGrace Smart Body Composition Monitor (OS570) Voucher
Item Remark: Know your body composition in just 1 step
•Achieve your health targets with a comprehensive analysis of your body composition and uGrace Smart uses advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology for the most accurate measurements.
Weight: Accurately measure your weight in kilograms or pounds
•Bone Mass: Take note of your bone density to prevent weakening of bones.
•Body Fat: Essential to evaluate health and weight management and Body Mass Index: The universal standard to check if you are in a healthy weight range for your height.
•Hydration: Ensure adequate hydration level for your body and Basal Metabolic Rate: Know the minimum amount of calories your body needs to function at rest.Muscle Mass: A higher muscle mass increases metabolism.
•Active Metabolic Rate: Understand the total amount of calories your body needs for daily activities.
•Keep your health in check at the tap of your fingers A comprehensive analysis of your body composition in a single tap. Simply sync uGrace Smart with the OSIM Well-Being App and you can monitor your health anytime, anywhere.
OSIM Well-Being App
•Body composition analysis: Results are referenced against the widely recognized World Health Organization BMI classification.
•Track trends and history: Monitor your health progress with charts and graphs of your body composition.
•Goal setting: Set your ideal weight, work towards your goal and stay motivated with the before-and-after photo feature.
•Support multiple users: Unlimited mobile pairings allows uGrace Smart to be shared with family and friends while personal data is kept confidential.
•Data sharing: Share your progress with your loved ones or your doctor for medical advice.
Redemption Type: Full
Item Value: 30,000 points
Redeemable at:
All OSIM Outlets in Singapore